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We Care for Tiny Teeth, Too!

Dr. LaBry is happy to care for the littlest smiles in your family. At LaBry Family Dentistry, we take our role as your dental care provider seriously, but we aim to make appointments for you and your children stress-free and educational. Their first set of chompers may not stick around for long, but treating them with care will prevent them from having to spend more time in the dental chair. Instilling the foundations of good oral hygiene can ensure the lifelong health of your young one’s smile.

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Nurturing Growing Smiles

As parents, we know how quickly our children grow. We also know they absorb information like sponges, even when we’re not sure they’re paying attention. They watch us as we go about our day-to-day tasks that we perform almost automatically, which means they’ll be observing how we rinse, floss, and brush our teeth – or how often we skip these vital oral health steps. We want to stress the importance of good oral hygiene habits, and empower our patients of all ages to give themselves the best home care. This helps us maintain our floss-ophy of “Healthy Kids = Happy Parents!”

Keeping Bugs at Bay

You should bring your baby in for their first checkup as soon as their first tooth emerges, usually around year one, and continue bringing them in for regular exams and cleanings. We offer family appointment blocks to help make scheduling convenient for you.

Because kids lack the proper knowledge, experience, and motor skills to properly brush their teeth, you should help them until they are coordinated enough to tie their own shoes – usually around age six. When they first start, you should monitor their hygiene routine to make sure they’re doing a good job.

We’re Here to Help

At LaBry Family Dentistry, we understand caring for your family is a full-time job, and we’re here to help make things a little easier for you. If you have any questions about pediatric dentistry or would like to schedule a visit for the whole family, contact your Broussard children’s dentist today by giving us a call or requesting an appointment online.


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